D.C. Black Femme Brunch: #unHUMBLE

Black Femmes! In this time of full-of-themselves-ass-hoes, it’s time to feel yourself (and get felt up, buttercup).

It’s time to be anything but humble.

Come at your most arrogant.
Slay with your pastel best.

Come as your most ostentatious.
Dazzle us with your gems.

No matter how you cum or come, it’s time to round up your boos and let’s go. Cuz the reality is in a world where shit is unhinged there’s still a sexy, beautiful, dangerous, beast inside of you and they are whispering:


Welcome to Black Femme Bunch a celebration and affirmation of all that makes you black, femme, fabulous, and beautiful over bottomless drinks and a delectable menu of food, femmes, and fun. Black Femme Brunch is a cultivated space created just to center everything that makes you a flawless black unicorn. It’s femme worship at it’s highest form and what could be better than being loved on than being in the company of queer and trans gods who are as fine, fierce, and fucking fleekish as you?

New to town? Come on down. Passing thru the city? We tryna pet ya kitty. Wanna build your set? We a sure bet. Tryna pull a boo? What that mouth do?

Invite all your friends and slay all your enemies.
Fuck all this humble shit; it’s time to get lit.

As always the #BlackFemmeBrunch is a space for femmes of all genders.

Not sure if you qualify?
Answer two questions:
1. Do you self identify as black?
2. Would you consider yourself in touch with your feminine side?

If that’s a yes to both – you’re in!

This is a safe space for black queer people who are in touch with their feminine energy, transgender peeps, tomboys/girls, and androgynous folx of all (or no) gender(s). Transwomen, transmen, intersex, gender non-conforming, queer women, queer men, asexual, and same gender loving people come get this love.

If you’ve ever felt femme in your life or need a healthy dose of femme energy, come thru because we celebrate you.

The three commandments of femme brunch are:

Ashe! And let the choir sang.

***If this space was not created for you, you will be respectfully and unapologetically ushered toward the door. We talk about whatever is on our minds during brunch and we will not have our space disrupted. If you seem a lil masculine but are in touch with your feminine side – it’s cool – come sit with us.***